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On the 16th March 2017, Mark Leaker presented on the topic of 'Director's Duties' at a Leaker Partners' breakfast seminar at the Western Australian Club.

The session started with a brief overview of the duties of directors focussing on some recent cases. The audience was then asked to imagine that they were the directors of a company having woken up to the breaking news of allegations of an affair between its managing director and a staff member, and a stock market plummet.

The audience had to decide what questions they would ask as directors, what immediate action they would take and what response they would give to the media, ASX and shareholders generally.

There were a number of differing views and opinions from the audience, which made for some dynamic discussion. It also highlighted the difficulty that directors of boards often face when a crisis hits with no warning and not a lot of time to formulate an initial response and course of action.

All participants enjoyed the interactive session and we are told that the discussions continued all the way up the Terrace as the participants made their way back to their offices.

Leaker Partners will be hosting monthly breakfast seminars on various topics. We will post details of upcoming sessions on our website and LinkedIn page.

Victoria Maitland is a director of Leaker Partners and is an experienced commercial lawyer with a focus on helping businesses with everyday legal issues and preparing user-friendly legal documentation. She specialises in commercial leasing and advising clients on the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA) including identifying PPSA exposures in a business, reviewing and drafting PPSA compliant security agreements and registering on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). Victoria regularly writes for the firm’s ‘From the Back’ newsletter and conducts seminars on the PPSA. She provides clients with in-house training on the PPSR. 

Victoria has a keen interest in assisting entrepreneurs and startups, and has a real passion for helping businesses solve problems and run as smoothly and effectively as possible.