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Do you need help with a retirement village residence contract?


Many of us have a family member who is living in or about to move into a retirement village. Among many important considerations is the need to review and understand the residence contract.


Retirement village residence contracts are usually structured as a lease but can involve the purchase of a villa. These residence contracts are typically very long as they are required to contain certain information by the relevant legislation. This makes them daunting for seniors (or anyone really) to read. However, they are significant documents and are expected to be relevant for 10-20+ years.


Like any legal document, there are important things to know and potential pitfalls if information isn’t clear to the resident or those responsible for him/her.


At Leaker Partners we are uniquely placed to assist with these matters, since we have specialists in property law and trusted partners in wills and estate planning. We work as a team to provide the most straight-forward outcome for our clients, at a very affordable rate.