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The Federal Government has recently announced proposed changes to the Foreign Investment Review Board regime.


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Mark Leaker recently presented on Mergers & Acquisitions After COVID 19 Passes.


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Leaker Partners have prepared a Commercial Lease COVID-19 Variation Package.

The purpose of the Package is to document the agreement reached between commercial landlords and tenants following rental relief negotiations.

The Package features an easy to complete Schedule (to be completed by the tenant in conjunction with their accountant), renegotiation trigger if the tenant’s revenue deviates significantly from forecasts and agreed disclosure of the tenant’s turnover.

The price of the Package is $400 plus GST.

If you would like to order the Package, have any queries or require more information, please contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on (08) 9324 8590.


Mark Leaker recently presented on Mergers & Acquisitions - current trends.


The presentation covered common aspects of business acquisition and disposal transactions seen recently.


Do you need help with a retirement village residence contract?


Many of us have a family member who is living in or about to move into a retirement village. Among many important considerations is the need to review and understand the residence contract.


Retirement village residence contracts are usually structured as a lease but can involve the purchase of a villa. These residence contracts are typically very long as they are required to contain certain information by the relevant legislation. This makes them daunting for seniors (or anyone really) to read. However, they are significant documents and are expected to be relevant for 10-20+ years.


Like any legal document, there are important things to know and potential pitfalls if information isn’t clear to the resident or those responsible for him/her.


At Leaker Partners we are uniquely placed to assist with these matters, since we have specialists in property law and trusted partners in wills and estate planning. We work as a team to provide the most straight-forward outcome for our clients, at a very affordable rate.

  • At the end of the life of a wind farm (around 20 to 25 years), the site must be decommissioned
  • The decommissioning process is an obligation of the wind farm owner
  • Landowners should protect their interests by ensuring the obligations of the wind farm owner regarding infrastructure removal and site restoration are clearly set out in the wind farm lease