Leaker Partners has been successfully assisting its clients with their corporate and commercial law requirements since 2001. Our SME and corporate clients come from a range of industries including technology, construction, agriculture, mining services & equipment hire. We also offer options in new venture packages.

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Mark Leaker recently presented on Mergers & Acquisitions - current trends.


The presentation covered common aspects of business acquisition and disposal transactions seen recently.


  • We have observed buyers and sellers becoming more discerning and focused on the key terms of the sale document. There is a tendency to refine conditions precedent to only include those that are absolutely critical. Boilerplate and more generic provisions which are not particularly specific are falling out of favour.


  • We are also seeing sellers enjoying more leverage in the current economic climate. The sense of urgency and distress we saw in deals a few years ago has tapered. Parties are negotiating on equal footing and are not shying away from insisting on carveouts, retention amounts and break fees to protect their respective interests.


  • The key takeaway is that it is becoming increasingly important to have a specialist team of legal, accounting,  business advisory and tax experts assembled on day 1 to assist in facilitating the transaction. 


Download the Mergers & Acquisitions Presentation here